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To find out more about MusiCan’s annual Summer Music Program 2023 and how you can help make it a reality for even more children, check out our Summer Programs page.

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Inspiring and Encouraging Students
We know every child has different interests, and we strive to accommodate them. That’s why we offer a range of programs – from chorus and band workshops to one-on-one lessons. Instructors are not only involved with the children, but also invested in their success. Their passion translates into their teaching methods; this provides a perfect balance of structured lessons and creative sessions.

  • Group Piano Lessons: Grades K-5
    We teach students the rudiments of pop and blues such as melody, chords and basic piano technique.
  • Group Guitar & Bass Lessons: Grades K-5
    Our small group of students learn the fundamentals of guitar and bass through an introduction to blues and other basic chord progressions.
  • Group Guitar Lessons: Grades 2-5
    Students become aspiring rockstars as they practice simple arrangements, basic guitar theory and learn to play together.
  • Guitar, Bass & Drums Class: Grades K-5
    Our medium-sized group of students take their skills to the next level playing in a band with multiple instruments.
  • Group Drum Class: Grades K-5
    School’s out, drums out! Students from K to 5 learn how to set the tempo, count introductions and maintain a steady rhythm.
  • Recorder Class: Grades K-5
    Students get a hands-on grasp of playing the recorder, with a focus on melodies.
  • Blues Band Workshop: Grades K-5
    We don’t get the blues here, we play them! Our students play complete songs with a full band comprised of vocals, guitars, bass and drums.
  • Jazz Band Workshop: Grades K-5
    Jazz up your day in this class! Students learn how to play essential jazz instruments including the saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, piano, bass and drums.
  • Combined Summer Programs
    Jazz & Blues, Pop, and Intro to All Instruments
    : Grades K-5
    Students get the best of everything in this class. We offer instruction in jazz, blues, and pop studies to songwriting and band workshop techniques.
  • Saturday Rock Guitar Workshop: Grades 2-5
    Students compose original rock guitar songs and perform live in neighborhood parks. It’s a “band” old time!
  • Chorus Workshop: Grades K-5
    This class is musicool! Students are introduced and guided through the collaborative songwriting and choral singing process.
  • Chorus: Grades K-5
    Students from MusiCan and the theater group come together and learn to sing pop songs in unison and harmony. You’ll hear them all over town!
  • Saturday Classes:
    Blues Roots, Assembling a Band, Recording, Performing, Learning Instruments
    (Bass, Piano, Drums, Guitar): Grades K-5
    ‘Rehearse, Record, Perform’
    Students learn to play jazz, blues and pop in a band workshop setting. They even get recording studio exposure!

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Meet Some of Our Teachers

  • MusiCan has the best teachers


    Mike received both his BS in Music in 2005 and his MA in Teaching Music in 2008 from CUNY at Lehman College. He is bandleader, singer and guitarist for Mike Mok and The Em-Tones and tours annually in Europe.

    "I love being a music teacher. I feel useful, appreciated by my students, and teaching is fun!"

  • MusiCan has the best teachers


    Greg received his BA from The Berklee School of Music in Boston. He currently writes and records with NYC-based rock band Celestial Shore and performs as an upright jazz bassist.

    “Teaching is a rewarding and inspiring job. Students throughout NYC public schools have been receptive and enthusiastic about learning music.”

  • MusiCan has the best teachers


    Carlos graduated in 2007 with a BA in Music from Columbia University. When not at MusiCan he performs with band Ava Luna, and co-runs Brooklyn-based Gravesend Recordings.

    "The sense of pride that the kids display, and commitment to the challenge of learning, is an inspiration to me as a musician."

  • MusiCan has the best teachers


    Lydia attended NYU and received her BM in Music Business in 2010. She also teaches piano and music lessons in New York City and plays the keyboards with her band, Helioscope.

    "The students’ enthusiasm for playing music is evident in each lesson. When they enter their music class, they become immediately focused and eager to learn.”

  • MusiCan has the best teachers


    Stoddard received his BM in Songwriting (summa cum laude) from Berklee College of Music in 2010. He has performed as a pianist, singer and songwriter with musical improv groups such as Broadway’s Next Hit Musical and Phantom of the Improv.

    "Music is everything. Music is a web that encapsulates all subjects and accentuates them. Music is very, very necessary."