About Us

Students are our priority at MusiCan

Students Are Our Priority

Music makes kids happy and we love to see our students smile. MusiCan orchestrates programs to bring children and music together. It’s simple: more students playing music equals more smiles. Isn’t that music to your ears?

Our Mission

We have moved our in-school music programs to Distance Learning for New York City’s at-risk school children until further notice. Please help us keep our music programs running through these difficult times. Please donate today!

MusiCan offers a variety of music programs to New York City children from disadvantaged neighborhoods to equip them with the discipline, confidence, and team-building skills necessary to reach their full potential. Our focus is on schools with scarce resources and where other music programs are not available.

Our Vision

  • To provide our programs to as many children as possible in New York City schools who would otherwise not have exposure to music.
  • That children involved with MusiCan will enter adulthood believing in themselves as they have developed the personal discipline and collaborative skills needed to succeed in life.
  • To provide MusiCan programs to the New York City public schools with the greatest need, and ultimately have those schools incorporate music as part of their curriculum.
  • To nurture students of all skill levels, foster those who have special talents, and lead them on a path to success through music.
  • To work with MusiCan students, alumni, and supporters who recognize music as a way to help underserved communities and children.
  • To go the extra mile by combining passionate teachers and enthusiastic children to achieve the greatest possible impact on MusiCan students.


Why We Started