Our Schools

Bringing Music to the Schools
We aim to be a catalyst for students to discover their potential and break barriers through music instruction and performance. That’s why we work extensively with New York City schools to ensure the children receive the attention and time they deserve.

MusiCan loves teaching in your school

PS 284

213 Osborn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212

PS 284 was a diamond in the rough but, through a collaborative effort, we transformed it into a flourishing school. Local donors were so inspired by MusiCan’s success with the students that they helped fund a renovation of an unusable school theater into a main performance area. The new space gave students and teachers more room to work together. Our teamwork and dedication has been a huge accomplishment for everyone involved.

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MusiCan loves teaching in your school

Community Roots Charter School

51 St. Edwards Street, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Diverse is the first word that comes to mind when we think of CRCS. We serve students from ages 5 to 11, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Some of our programs include learning the basics of playing an instrument to writing your own songs. Our students have become great friends with one another through our programs and are always eager to play music together.

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MusiCan loves teaching in your school

PS 137

121 Saratoga Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233

PS 137 has defied all odds. A few years ago it was threatened with closure. Our relentless commitment to boosting the school’s music program, however, has been a resounding success. Because of its incredible turnaround, local politicians refer to it as the “New Fame School.” Student involvement in our programs is so high that students who graduate return as mentors. Our close partnership with the school and community is giving students a chance to soar. We knew there was potential, and now we can see (and hear) it at its fullest.

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Applying Your School

If your school is located in New York City, doesn’t offer music programs, and is interested in partnering with MusiCan, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you! Qualifications
  • Must be a school in New York City
  • Must accept or exclusively work with children in underserved communities
  • Must believe in the importance of music