Children’s Stories

From Their Own Words:
Hear the voices of the children we serve as they talk about their struggles and successes and the profound sense of accomplishment in learning an instrument. From their own mouths they speak about overcoming shyness and social inhibition, having an outlet for their emotions and talents, and working with peers in creating music.

MusiCan Speaks Out • Kahlida

“The first time when I heard that music was… inspiring to people and (it) showed people new things, was when I was five,” said Kahlida. “I signed up (for) MusiCan because I wanted to learn to sing better and learn instruments.” – Kahlida

MusiCan Speaks Out • Aniya

“I signed up for MusiCan because I wanted to be … better in piano. Sometimes when a new song comes on… Like if somebody’s sad from a bad day … they can just put on music and it’ll make them get happier. That’s something that’s important to me.” – Aniya

MusiCan Speaks Out • Stephen

“I like this program MusiCan because I am kind of anti-social… but drumming and playing instruments and singing makes me feel good.” – Stephen

MusiCan Speaks Out • Devonte

“I just love singing. I… feel happy about it, how (the teacher is) doing it, how he’s teaching me how to sing… I sing at home, at the park when there’s nobody around… I sing for kids… I love to sing very, very much.” – Devonte

MusiCan Speaks Out • Nekamma

“I’m a really great student… I wanted to be a scientist or a dancer. I mainly want to play instruments. Well to be honest I never played the saxophone before or the accordion (until now). I was really looking forward to it because I want people to enjoy my music.” – Nekamma

MusiCan Speaks Out • Kayden

“I’ve been always hoping to be inside a band. I’ve always loved music. I was six and heard my first tune. It felt good… MusiCan changed the way I feel about music.” – Kayden

MusiCan Speaks Out • Sierra

“I sing a lot… Little kids usually come to me and say… you’re the one that sings. I’ve made a lot of connections to little kids. It makes me feel really nice inside because maybe that little kid will grow older and want to sing just like I am.” – Sierra

MusiCan Speaks Out • Kayla

“I play the bass… it makes me feel like I’m the one whose keeping the beat and everyone’s… following my lead. It feels relaxing.
Music makes me happy, and I want to keep on being happy.” – Kayla

MusiCan Speaks Out • Naomi

“MusiCan has changed me because … before I was really shy… I would say I was like you once but look at what I am now!” – Naomi

MusiCan Speaks Out • Yemande

“I’ve been able to express myself through music and the West African drum.” – Yemande

MusiCan Speaks Out • Sierra

“My class is the kind of supportive type. I don’t really feel bad singing around them. When I step on a stage with them, they make me feel better and make me feel happy.” – Sierra

MusiCan Speaks Out • Akai

“If I wasn’t playing drums I’d probably be playing video games all day.” – Akai

MusiCan Speaks Out • Jasmine

“I like all types of music. I don’t know what I’d be doing right now if I didn’t have music keeping me occupied.” – Jasmine

MusiCan Speaks Out • Jasmine

“MusiCan has made me a lot more social…I was so shy before” – Jasmine

MusiCan Speaks Out • Christy

“Music is passion because it has these wonderful beats and tones. My favorite instrument is the flute.” – Christy

MusiCan Speaks Out • Kayla

“I love to sing and play guitar.” – Kayla

MusiCan Speaks Out • Kayla

“I’m interested in music because that’s actually the thing that made me start performing on stage because I used to be really, really shy.” – Kayla

MusiCan Speaks Out • Raymond

“When I get older, I want to be a musician. I want to inspire children so they can try to be musicians when they grow up.” – Raymond

MusiCan Speaks Out • Chikiri

“I like playing the piano because it shows the mood I’m in. It makes me feel relaxed.” – Chikiri

MusiCan Speaks Out • Anaya

“I like music that tells about the truth.” – Anaya