Summer Camp 2023

Students are our priority at MusiCan

Why Our Summer Programs

MusiCan provides at-risk NYC school children with a 6-week Summer Music Program. This summer marks our 11th annual summer program, providing children with structure, support, and socialization through music programs. Please support MusiCan with a donation today.

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Learn More About MusiCan’s 2023 Summer Program

MusiCan serves children in at-risk NYC neighborhoods such as Brownsville and Bushwick, Brooklyn and Staten Island. We have already raised funds to partially fund the program. But there are many children on the waiting list for MusiCan’s Summer Music Program 2023 — and we are turning to you, our generous supporters, to help fund those seats.

Distance Learning

Our popular program is for children ages 6 to 10 who live in New York City’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods and would otherwise have few options for summer learning, enrichment, and socialization.

Playing guitar for MusiCan's summer camp 2020

Our wildly popular Summer Camp programs began in 2010 when we were approached by the public schools that MusiCan serves during the year. Teachers told MusiCan that the children have few programs and organized activities in the summer and were generally spending the summer indoors at home. So we set out to provide a small group of children with an extended version of our music lessons and activities — and this new summer program became an instant hit.

“We’ve learned how music can flow and how different it sounds when everyone plays together. It’s like the sound of birds tweeting all around. When I first signed up, I couldn’t hold myself in. Once I started playing, I just felt the music. I just started getting the beat. I feel this moment when I have the chance to be free, to tap the beat; as soon as I know it I’m on the ground.”
– Kyaiza, third grade, East Brooklyn

Some of our camp alumni have gone on to jobs in the music business as well as specialized high schools for music, art and dance! But most importantly, the impacts of music programming are felt immediately with improved confidence, increased academic performance and social connections.

We at MusiCan thank you very much for your kind donation.